We had sex with 20 men daily for six month, Schoolgirls revealed

Four Schoolgirls have narrated  how they were recruited  into prostitution by a suspected human trafficker, Abigail Nweke Alo, in an alleged  brothel located in  Calabar business area.

Felicia Nzuworgar, 17, Patience Williams, 18, Angela Benjamin, 17 and Charity Nkwogor, all from Okun and Vandeikya Local Government Areas of Benue State, said Abigail, who they called  ‘Chairlady’,  took them from their homes, in January, under the pretense that she was taking them to Lagos where she had  a drinking spot to work as sales girls but ended up as sex workers in  Calabar.

“I was selling oranges in our market in Okun when she tapped me on the shoulder and I turned thinking she wanted to buy oranges but she told me she had  a business in Lagos and wanted me to follow her. I did not know what came over me. I just followed her without even telling my parents and friends where I was going”, Felicia  told Sunday Vanguard.

Patience, a  senior secondary school 2 Student in Vandiekya, on her part, narrated that she was plating a friend’s hair in front of her grandmother’s house where she lived when Mike, a commercial motorcycle rider, who lived  in  her neighbourhood, came to inform her that a lady was looking for someone to work in a beer parlour in Lagos, and wanted to know  if she would like to go with her.

“I told Mike that I was still in school and could  not go with the lady and  that she should look for someone else. But instead of looking  for somebody else, Mike went and brought the lady and when she looked into my eyes, I simply went inside and packed my clothes and followed her without waiting for my grandmother who went out to come back”, she stated.

Recounting her own experience, Angela said she was on her way from school when the lady met her and told her she wanted to take her to school  in Lagos  and also assist her (Abigail)  in her beer parlour business and she went with her into the bus where other girls were waiting.

They girls, on their way from Benue to ‘Lagos’, stopped in  Enugu where they spent the night in the house of a  man who, according to her, had seven wives. The man was said to have given them concoction to drink after which they were warned that  if they tried to run away, their private parts would rot and they would die.

“The man took us into his medicine hut and gave us the concoction to drink and, when we refused to drink, he beat us. He told us that if we went out without drinking, we will die.  After we drank, he said that if we ran away from ‘Chairlady’, our private parts would rot and we will die”, Felicia said.

According to her, after the encounter with the man, the next day, they continued their journey. “We got to Calabar in the night  and when I asked ‘Chairlady’  if this was Lagos, she said yes”.


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