Marco Pierre White attacks Georgina Leigh and leaves her scared

Marco Pierre attacks Georgina

Former Big Brother housemate Marco Pierre-White Jr has left Georgina Leigh Cantwell fearing for her life after launching a sickening verbal attack on her.

The Big Brother housemate was subject to vicious comments by her fellow housemate, who is also the son of multi-millionaire chef Marco Pierre White, and she has revealed that it has left her petrified for her safety.

“I am petrified about the final,” she told The Sun . “I don’t want to be around him, he comes across as unstable and I am worried from the way he’s spoken about me that he could either hurt me or verbally abuse me.

“I am genuinely worried for my safety to be face to face with him as he’s so volatile.”

In his Snapchat video, Marco ranted about Georgina, said: “Georgina you f***ing disgust me. I f***ing hate you, honestly, you make me sick to my stomach.

“You filthy c***. I mean, I could talk about you all day… you’re a stupid ugy s***.”

The vile torrent of abuse didn’t even cease with that, as the model went on to tell Georgina to end her own life.

“I f***ing hate you. You make me sick. Do the world a favour and f*** off out of here.”

A Big Brother spokeswoman had no comment to make.

Meanwhile, Marco was recently snapped snogging his new girlfriend during a night out at London’s Mexican tapas bar and club Tonteria.

The former Celebrity Big Brother star – who yesterday teased fans with a Snapchat guessing game – shared a series of snaps from the club night, where his girlfriend Holly Turner seemingly works.

And one photo showed the couple wrapped up in a steamy embrace, while Marco shielded their faces with a ‘peace out’ sign.


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