Funny things Nigerians do on plane will amaze you

Funny things Nigerians do on plane

Change they say is a constant thing. But for Nigerians, they will always be Nigerians. There are certain traits peculiar to these Nigerians. A good example is the hilarious things they do when they board planes. Whether you are boarding a flight from Lagos or Kano, you must have noticed these shenanigans. If you have not, Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal identify 5 interesting yet annoying things Nigerians do on planes.

1.Boarding before group number is called

Most airlines have a system for getting hundreds of passengers on board as quick as possible. But, because of the Lagos traffic, you didn’t arrive on time to the airport. Fortunately for you, passengers are just boarding the plane. But you arrive there, ignored the queue and want to board to board ahead of others. You will no doubt anger other passengers waiting for their group number to be called.

2.Unrestrained baby bawling

Crying babies may be acceptable to a limit. However, when your baby keeps displaying their infantile bawling, it becomes a distraction for other passengers. Hence, take every action to ensure that your baby doesn’t cry on board.

3.Playing games without turning off the sound

This is what some Nigerians do. You are playing an exciting game on your phone or whatever handheld device and you refuse to turn off the sound. The sound may make the game exciting but remember that you are not in a private jet. Passengers will be irritated by the sound.

4.Staying in the toilet for too long

The toilet is not your bedroom, and you are not the only one using it. Others may be pressed but because you are spending too long in the toilet. Certainly, you are inconsiderate to fellow passengers who want to use the restroom.

5. Reclining your seat

Pressing the seat recline button can make the person behind you very uncomfortable. You prefer to be relaxed at the expense of others. It is such a selfish behavior that if you do it, you must stop it.

PR Associate at Jumia Travel


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