Big Brother: I did not have sex with Marco Pierre, Emma denies

Emma denies having sex with marco

Emma Jensen appeared on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side to talk about the rumours about her having sex with Marco Pierre White Jr when they allegedly spent 20 hours together.

Big Brother’s Emma Jensen has finally addressed the rumours that she had sex with former housemate Marco Pierre White Jr.

It was reported that international DJ Emma was ditched by hunky boyfriend Josh Watson after allegedly spending 20 hours with Marco Pierre White Jr.

Emma claims there was no romp, no sex and no kissing as they were only “partying together”.

Speaking to host Rylan Clark-Neal on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, she said that “nothing was going on” between the pair.

When Rylan asked for the gossip, she said: “Literally nothing is going on between me and Marco.

Big Brothers housemates

“We’re nothing but friends.

“I went out and we were just partying. I think I made it quite clear about my feelings for my boyfriend in the house. I’ve been meeting up with Charlie, Ryan… like all of us have been having a laugh. I just want to say that nothing is going on with Marco.”

As soon as she finished, BBBOTS guest and former CBB housemate, Frankie Cocozza shouted “b******s”.

Emma didn’t address if she and Josh were still together, but she did tweet a great pic with host Rylan.

Source: The Mirror


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