Romance: Be an expert in bed with your spouse

sex and romance

I’m convinced that the reason that so many people are sexually dissatisfied is because there is so much disinformation about what it takes to be a great lover.

In fact, most people, both men and women, believe that there are one or maybe two things that, if they could just have/do them, they’d be god’s gift to the opposite sex.

And what’s funny is…

Most of the time, that “one thing” they think they need isn’t even in the ballpark of what would actually make them “good in bed”, and even further from the thing they need to become the kind of sexual partner that lovers adore and obsess over.

Examples of what men think would make them great in bed: a bigger dick, six pack abs, a secret trick for stimulating her G-spot, clitoris, and anus at the same time…

Examples of what women think would make them great in bed: bigger breasts, six pack abs, a secret trick for making her tongue spin around a man’s penis at amazing speed.

Romantic and sex

Now of course there IS someone out there with a huge fetish for every one of these particular things, but for MOST of us, these things are hardly on the radar. Yes, they may be very nice little extras that we might certainly enjoy, but we’re not going to feel like we won the sexual jackpot because of any of these minor qualities.

On the other hand, there are real qualities, in both men and women, that will make them powerfully desirable and sexy, including things like passion, confidence, openness about what turns them on…

And I talk about all of these things in my blog posts and videos.

Today I want to share one cool shortcut that most men and women don’t even consider when it comes to pleasing their lover– and yet it’s so amazingly powerful, it’s such a huge turn on, and it’s so sexually rare, that if you do it, it will make sex with you an absolutely unforgettable experience.

I call it a “shortcut” because anyone who’s willing, can do it right now, tonight, and it doesn’t take years of practice or exercises.

I’m referring to “presence”, and what I mean with that simple word is just the act of being physically, mentally, and emotionally engaged with your partner during sex. (And I’ll tell you exactly how in just a moment).

Now I said this was a shortcut because anyone can do it, and you can do it RIGHT NOW, or ANY time you are having sex with your partner…

But I didn’t say it was EASY, and for most people, it’s not. In fact, most people are virtually never present during sex.

To Be Continued…….

Source: RevolutionarySex


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