Breaking News: Muslim herdsmen kill Christians in Kaduna

Herdsmen activity

There are reports that some Muslim Fulani herdsmen have attacked a cluster of Christian villages in Kaduna state

The herdsmen launched their attacks last week, killing at about 13 Christians and scattering members of three churches.

A survivor of the attacks told Morning Star News that the herdsmen killed two Christian women in Ninte village on Monday, August 1. 
The source further revealed that she knew of eight Christians killed in Gada Biyu on Tuesday, August 2. 
Local newspapers reported nine people were killed in Gada Biyu, with another two men killed in Akwa’a on Wednesday, August 3. 
News of the massacre comes on the same day a new report was released by Media Research Center showing the US media have covered up the genocide of Christians in the Middle East. 
One of hundreds of Christians displaced from the area, Martha Yohanna of Alheri Baptist Church in Gada Biyu village, told Morning Star News that the attacks on Ninte and Gada Biyu villages were carried out by Muslim Fulani herdsmen. 
The Muslim herdsmen have become heavily armed in recent years.

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