Relationship Tips: Signs, you are in love with the wrong person


Sweet, rosy and dynamic is Love, but bitter and painful with the wrong person

Majority of people have been caught in this web and are stuck; being in love with the wrong person does not mean you would not have all the delightful and tickling sensations often experienced by those who are in love. You are most likely to feel the fluttering of the butterflies in your stomach and the customary shivers in the spine if you are a romantic. However, there would always be this feeling of guilt every time you remember how wrong it is for you to be in love with your partner at that time. You would also have to worry about the consequences of your actions and how grave they could be.

Most people regret falling in love with their partners long before they ever break up. Some feel trapped and do not know if it would be appropriate walking out of that relationship after all the binding events they might have been through together. Giving your heart to a man who could never be with you for one reason or the other could be an example; having an illicit affair with someone could also cause you that kind of heartache no matter the depth of your love. There are a whole lot of things that could be responsible for falling in love with the wrong person. The variation in these events would not change the signs and feelings you would have if you have given your heart to the wrong person. Find below some of the unmistakable signs you will notice once you have fallen in love with the wrong person:


1. When you are filled with doubts
Despite being in love with someone you have always known for ages, you may still have this feeling of uncertainty when you reflect on issues. The uncertainties you feel spring up as a result of the behavior your partner puts up when with you. Most people trust their instinct as it has never failed them. Thus, when you are filled with fear despite being in love with a person, it could be a sign you have given the wrong person your heart.

Unhappy couple

2. When you are unhappy 
Your happiness comes first when it comes to relationships; whatever deprives you of your happiness is definitely not worth doing. One thing that would let you know how wrong you have been with falling in love with a person is sadness. Being in love should fill your heart with joy and make you want to spend the rest of your life having happy moments. But when you are constantly in pain and heart torn over the decisions you have taken with that person, it is a big sign you have given your heart to the wrong person.


3. When you constantly worry about the future 
Being in love is definitely exciting; you find yourself longing for more and enjoying the company of your partner. A day apart could be like a thousand years to you; but when you do not look forward to being with the person you have fallen in love with and given your heart to, there is a big problem.

Dreading what the future holds with your partner is a sign you have totally missed it and have entrusted your heart to the wrong person. It should be noted that some people fall in love just for the fun of it; their weird way of passing time. Continue



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