Shocking Revelation: My husband pushed me back to Africa – Tiwa Savage

Nigeria Celebrity

Award winning Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage, mentions estranged husband, TeeBillz, in her public profile on record label Roc Nation’s website.

Popular Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage recently bagged a record deal with Jay Z’s Roc Nation label. Roc Nation has now created a profile of the Kele Kele Love singer  on their website and Tiwa gives details of her start and growth in the music industry in details.

She also mentions the positive influence of her estranged husband Tunji Balogun aka TeeBillz who urged her to move back to Africa to make more of an impact over there. She refers to him professionally as ‘Tunji “TJ Billz” Balogun’ and not her husband. See a transcript below:


“I met Tunji and he told me about the growing Afrobeats scene back home in Nigeria.  He thought I was wasting my talents being a songwriter & a backing singer and pushed me to move back to Africa. At first I thought it was a bit of a step backwards but he was adamant that this was my future. He knew it was what would set me apart from the rest.”

The full profile can be found on Roc Nation’s website. What does this mean for the star couple, is there hope for reconciliation still?

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