What this 70-yr-old prophet confessed to the police will shock you!!

Prophet and crime

-I Bury People In My Compound, But Don’t Sell Body Parts

A white garment church prophet has told the police that he wasn’t dealing in the sale of human body parts, contrary to a purported claim.

The prophet was also said to have admitted burying three people in his compound, which doubles as his church, and at a nearby swamp.

Prophet Emmanuel Adeyemi, 70, told the police that he was a herbalist and ran a healing home for mentally unsound people, claiming the deceased were such.

He was arrested recently, following a tip-off that he chained his son. Adeyemi admitted, but said he was trying to cure the boy of his stealing habit. A visit by detectives to Adeyemi’s residence also showed 27 others in chains.

Speaking on the matter, Fatai Owoseni, Lagos Commissioner of Police, said: “We got a tip-off that they were people he buried in that compound and he confirmed it during interrogation.

“Because the area is swampy, the suspect had allegedly buried some people in the swamp and about three others in the house.

“When we asked him of their identities he said it was some of his patients that were brought to his home from the hospital, after they were given up for dead, who finally died in his care and were buried in the swamp.

“When we also queried him on the claims that he used the body parts of the deceased to sell to ritualists, he swore that he was only a traditional healer and not a human parts seller.”

“We got another credible tip off that there were other people chained up in that same house. Of course, we carried out a raid and confirmed the allegation to be true.”, Owoseni said.


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