Nigerian Government will deal with militants if dialogue fails, says Buhari

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NIGERIA – President Muhammadu Buhari has reiterated his resolve to rid the Niger Delta off militants should dialogue fail.

Speaking with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, on the sidelines of the sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development in Nairobi, Kenya, Buhari said the FG won’t fail to use force should the militants refuse to embrace dialogue as offered by the government.

He said: “The militants must dialogue with the Federal government or be dealt with in the same way like Boko Haram. We are talking to some of their leaders. We will deal with them as we dealt with Boko Haram if they refuse to talk to us.

“As a government, we know our responsibility, which is to secure the environment. It is clear to us that lenders won’t fund projects in insecure environments. We realise that we have to secure the country before we can efficiently manage it,” Buhari said emphatically.

The Nigeria president used the medium to tell the Japanese leader that his administration will do all in its power to crush insurgence or any act of terrorism that might jeopardise or threaten the country’s security.


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