Facebook Mark Zuckerberg’s Visit to Nigeria, A Big Lesson


What did you see in this photo between Nigerian president and Facebook founder?

Since the visit of Mark Zuckerberg to Nigeria, It has generated a lot of concern and but left me to ask this question.

How many of our Nigerian Politicans can boast of their money made in a cool and clear ways? if not stealing by pen then it will be depraving the poor masses their right to good living. These our politicians are indeed wicked and evil, they convert all treasure belonging to all NIGERIANS to their family purse.


According to forbes, Zuckerberg is worth Net worth: 54.4 billion USD (2016)-Forbes. Check out! Money made in a clean way without stealing or looting of any state or national treasury.
It is good to be BLACK, nice to be NIGERIAN but what has it done to me? No good environment to achieve such as MARK ZUCKERBERG.

In fact I’m totally disappointed in the setting today. Politics which has to bring democracy (good governance) it has really polluted the Nigerian system. Let me not think about it! Surely, one day WE WILL MAKE IT IN NIGERIA of our COUNTRY with CORRUPT LEADERS


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