Daily Manna Devotional


Saturday, 3 September 2016


Bible Text: LUKE 6:12-19

Key Verse: “And Judas the brother of James, and Judas Iscariot, which also was the traitor” (Luke 6:16).

What a way of introducing him, “…which also was the traitor”! Yet, there was no mistake about his choice. He was not chosen to play the traitor’s role but he fell into being the traitor! One cannot help but wonder what befell Judas Iscariot who had such a unique privilege to be numbered among the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ.

Jesus did not make a mistake by choosing Judas among the other eleven disciples. He had spent nights and days in prayers and finally arrived at the twelve. By His choice, Judas had equal opportunities and privileges like the other eleven. He was taught and trained by Jesus, specially empowered and commissioned with the others to embark on evangelistic outreaches that yielded testimonies of signs and wonders, even of the devil being subject to them. But he had an unpleasant appendage to his name which led to his unfortunate end. Judas’ case is one example of people who fell from grace to grass. He was not destined by cruel fate to be the traitor.

There is no such thing as fate or predestination. Every human is a free moral agent who has the right and freedom to make choices but is answerable for whatever choice he makes. Judas chose to trade his highly coveted privilege as an apostle of Jesus for just thirty pieces of silver, which unfortunately, he never enjoyed. We should be careful of the choices we make because they are the determinants of our destiny.

We should also be conscious that our positions or privileges in life are not permanent. To keep our positions and continue to enjoy our privileges, we must be careful to maintain them by our continual obedience to the Lord and making right choices and decisions

Thought for the day: A fool tramples upon privileges served to enhance his net worth.

Bible Reading in one Year: PSALM 80 – 84


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