Don’t Play Dead – Gloria Copeland

Kenneth Copeland Daily Devotional

Welcome to Faith to Faith Daily Devotional written by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

Today Monday, 31 October 2016

TOPIC: Don’t Play Dead

Key Verse: From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force. – Matthew 11:12
The Amplified Bible translates Matthew 11:12, “…a share in the heavenly kingdom is sought with most ardent zeal and intense exertion.”
I want you to get violent today. Yes, violent, determined, zealous. I want you to get so committed to the things of God that you’ll withstand any attempt to take them away from you.
Too many believers these days are like the Israelites. They’re wandering around in a wilderness of defeat because there’s an enemy in the promised land. They’re being robbed of their rightful inheritance because they’re afraid to fight him. They keep hoping that somehow they’ll find a way in without using force. But they won’t! You have to make demands where Satan and his associates are concerned.
When God sent the Israelites into Canaan, He said, “Send the armed men to go before you.” They were to go up armed—ready for the fight. He knew they’d have to fight to take the land. He never promised them that they wouldn’t. What He promised them was they’d win every time.
The same is true for you. You can’t just lie down and play dead when you’re dealing with the devil. He’s not going to let go of any area of your life—of your health or your finances or anything else—without a fight. He’s not going to give it up unless you force him.
Quit sitting there in the wilderness. Quit sitting there while the devil steals the blessings of God out from under you. You have God’s permission and His power and His ability to take the land. Get violent enough to do something about it…today!
Scripture Reading: Deuteronomy 31:1-8

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Sexy! 63-year-old grandma with the face, body of an 18-year-old girl (photos)

                                63-year-old sexy grandma in revealing outfit.

This 63-year-old grandma has stirred quite an air when her pictures went viral on the social media.

She is not only beautiful, but has been able to keep fit and maintain a stature that fits a 21-year-old lady because some younger women in the society do not have a figure as nice as this. This grandma can be said to be sexy.

                                63-year-old sexy grandma in revealing outfit.

In one of her pictures, this sexy grandma was seen wearing a black see-through lace gown with a very low neck as she was not putting on any form of bra or panties underneath her dress. The grandma was also seen rocking multi-colored leggings with a white-tank top.


This is unbelievable!!!

NGO congratulate FIDA chair on her award in Yenagoa

Barrister Desi

The board and management of Reflector Initiative for Women and Children heartily congratulate our Chairman of Board, Barrister Dise Ogbise-Erhisere on herwell deserved  award of Women and Children Advocate 2016 by Miss VIP Honours.
The award which was presented to her during the 5th edition of the Miss VIP pageant held in Yenagoa on 30 October, 2016.

Speaking after the award, Mrs.  Ogbise-Erhisere says she dedicate the award to God for the grace and good health to champion the course of Women and children in society as well as her family for their immense support and encouragement.
According to Ogbise-Erhisere, who is the Chairperson of International Federation of Women Lawyers, FIDA Bayelsa chapter expressed gratitude to the members of the chapter for giving her the platform for service to humanity.

She promise to continue the fight against all forms of violence against women and children in society and call on all stakeholders to support the fight.

Transgender Muslim killed few days after her wedding

                                   Adam Aliev became Raina after a sex operation in Moscow
Adam Aliev now late Raina went through a sex operation in Russia to become a woman and be joined with the love of her life, Viktor in holy matrimony.

The 25-year old transgender Muslim bride took a decision to be with the love her husband against all odds. The wedding shocked a lot of people including her biological father, Alimshaikh Aliev who pleaded on TV that people kill his own child. According to daily mail, He said: “Let him be killed, I don’t want to see him. Bring him here and kill him infront of my eyes.”

                                 Raina and Viktor on wedding day

Upon hearing the threat, concerned for her safety, Raina reported to the police.

Days after, she she was attacked and cut up beyond recognition to those who knew her. It is unclear the situation surrounding the attack causing the death of a non-conformist who decided to adopt a lifestyle that aided her happiness.

The counter argument following the cold blooded murder, is that the victim went against the rules of Islam. In Islam, it is forbidden to change ones sex.

The decision Raina made vexed some Muslim fanatics who decided to end her life in a horrifying manner.

May her soul rest in peace.

Nigerian guy blocked from following President Buhari on Twitter goes viral


A Nigerian Twitter user @VillageParrot became the latest person to be blocked from following President Buhari on Twitter. It’s not clear what crime he committe. He must have said too much, lol.

Former President Jonathan may appear in court as Dasuki’s witness over $2.2b arms deal

                                  Former President Jonathan may appear in court as Dasuki’s witness over $2.2b arms deal
Goodluck Jonathan is expected to appear as Sambo Dasuki’s witness after the former said he didn’t believe the former national security adviser stole $2.2 billion meant for the purchase of arms.

Dasuki has been in detention after he was accused of misappropriating money meant for arms with many Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members implicated.

However, the former president speaking on Monday, October 24, at the famous Oxford Union, Oxford United Kingdom, on youth entrepreneurship argued that allegations about the $2.2 scam was faulty because his administration, where Dasuki served bought warships, aircraft and a lot of equipment for the military during the period.

He said: “I don’t believe somebody can just steal $2.2 billion; we bought warships, we bought aircraft, we bought lots of weapons for the army and so on and so forth and you are still saying 2.2billion, so where did we get the money to buy all those things?”

Jonathan’s statement has caught the attention of Dasuki’s defence team who hope to invite him as a witness and possible exonerate the former national security adviser.

The Nation reports that Mr. Ahmed Raji who is the consel to Dasuki said he wanted Jonathan to testify in court.
He said: “It will be desirable for Jonathan to testify for the ex-NSA. It will throw greater light into grey areas. And it will serve the interest of Justice.
“It will be fantastic for him to go to court to testify. Dasuki is an agent of a disclosed and known principal.”
Another member of the legal team said: “With what Jonathan said in London, the only logical thing for him to do is to see it through.
“We want Jonathan to follow-through. If he backs out, it will be bad.”
Raji however said that due to the characters involved, a political solution would be better than a trial.
“But, frankly speaking, I pray for a political solution to the problem because of the characters involved.
“Both the accused and the government should embrace a political solution to the problem.”
”I believe the President is very sincere. He wants to reorganise Nigeria and he deserves the support of all.
“With a political solution, Mr. President will be in good stead to overcome unnecessary distractions in order to succeed.
“I pray that everybody will key into his vision and the economic challenges facing the nation.”
The political solution will make it possible for Dasuki not to reveal the names of key people who also received money from him as it has been revealed that a former head of state and a top monarch in the north.
Another source who spoke on the condition of anonymity said Jonathan’s remark in London will be valuable in court.
“All is set for the defence of Dasuki, who is still insisting on an open trial to let Nigerians know the beneficiaries of the arms cash.
“One of those who may testify is ex-President Goodluck Jonathan whose remarks in London appeared to be the first phase of the war chest of the ex-NSA.
“You know the ex-NSA said he acted on Jonathan’s instructions in disbursing some of the cash. And from the look of things, the ex-President is now ready to accept responsibility for whatever Dasuki did.
“We believe it has reached a level that Nigerians must know what really happened, how funds were disbursed and who got what.
“This is why a secret trial is not a viable option, with the way things are going.”
“So far, we have secured the consent of Jonathan to appear in court for Dasuki. This will make the trial worth it.”

Holly Rickwood straddles a lamppost, falls over and flashes her pur-fect bum for a real fright night

                                 Holly Rickwood

Ex On The Beach starlet Holly Rickwood took Halloween horror to a horrific new level this weekend.

Opting to dress as a perfect puss backfired as soon as the catty reality star decided to get a pal to use her blood red lipstick to stamp her buttocks with the unfortunate branding of “total s**t”.

Keeping her dignity in a black leotard, knee high crushed velvet boots and cat ears proved difficult after necking several pints of Halloween horror squash.

                                     Holly Rickwood

                                      Holly Rickwood

                                      Holly Rickwood

                                   Holly Rickwood

The former reality star managed to topple over not one but three times as she staggered into a pal’s Essex house party – her falls proved particularly hazardous on her bum graffiti which ended up smudged. But Holly was a good Halloween sport and took it all in her uneasy stride.

Holly is best known for being tattooed babe Jemma Lucy’s TV enemy after enjoying a night out with her ex Hawley.

The pair had a massive row on Ex On The Beach after Jemma saw images of the pair on the ‘tablet of Terror’.