Transgender Muslim killed few days after her wedding

                                   Adam Aliev became Raina after a sex operation in Moscow
Adam Aliev now late Raina went through a sex operation in Russia to become a woman and be joined with the love of her life, Viktor in holy matrimony.

The 25-year old transgender Muslim bride took a decision to be with the love her husband against all odds. The wedding shocked a lot of people including her biological father, Alimshaikh Aliev who pleaded on TV that people kill his own child. According to daily mail, He said: “Let him be killed, I don’t want to see him. Bring him here and kill him infront of my eyes.”

                                 Raina and Viktor on wedding day

Upon hearing the threat, concerned for her safety, Raina reported to the police.

Days after, she she was attacked and cut up beyond recognition to those who knew her. It is unclear the situation surrounding the attack causing the death of a non-conformist who decided to adopt a lifestyle that aided her happiness.

The counter argument following the cold blooded murder, is that the victim went against the rules of Islam. In Islam, it is forbidden to change ones sex.

The decision Raina made vexed some Muslim fanatics who decided to end her life in a horrifying manner.

May her soul rest in peace.


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