Nigerian guy blocked from following President Buhari on Twitter goes viral


A Nigerian Twitter user @VillageParrot became the latest person to be blocked from following President Buhari on Twitter. It’s not clear what crime he committe. He must have said too much, lol.

Former President Jonathan may appear in court as Dasuki’s witness over $2.2b arms deal

                                  Former President Jonathan may appear in court as Dasuki’s witness over $2.2b arms deal
Goodluck Jonathan is expected to appear as Sambo Dasuki’s witness after the former said he didn’t believe the former national security adviser stole $2.2 billion meant for the purchase of arms.

Dasuki has been in detention after he was accused of misappropriating money meant for arms with many Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members implicated.

However, the former president speaking on Monday, October 24, at the famous Oxford Union, Oxford United Kingdom, on youth entrepreneurship argued that allegations about the $2.2 scam was faulty because his administration, where Dasuki served bought warships, aircraft and a lot of equipment for the military during the period.

He said: “I don’t believe somebody can just steal $2.2 billion; we bought warships, we bought aircraft, we bought lots of weapons for the army and so on and so forth and you are still saying 2.2billion, so where did we get the money to buy all those things?”

Jonathan’s statement has caught the attention of Dasuki’s defence team who hope to invite him as a witness and possible exonerate the former national security adviser.

The Nation reports that Mr. Ahmed Raji who is the consel to Dasuki said he wanted Jonathan to testify in court.
He said: “It will be desirable for Jonathan to testify for the ex-NSA. It will throw greater light into grey areas. And it will serve the interest of Justice.
“It will be fantastic for him to go to court to testify. Dasuki is an agent of a disclosed and known principal.”
Another member of the legal team said: “With what Jonathan said in London, the only logical thing for him to do is to see it through.
“We want Jonathan to follow-through. If he backs out, it will be bad.”
Raji however said that due to the characters involved, a political solution would be better than a trial.
“But, frankly speaking, I pray for a political solution to the problem because of the characters involved.
“Both the accused and the government should embrace a political solution to the problem.”
”I believe the President is very sincere. He wants to reorganise Nigeria and he deserves the support of all.
“With a political solution, Mr. President will be in good stead to overcome unnecessary distractions in order to succeed.
“I pray that everybody will key into his vision and the economic challenges facing the nation.”
The political solution will make it possible for Dasuki not to reveal the names of key people who also received money from him as it has been revealed that a former head of state and a top monarch in the north.
Another source who spoke on the condition of anonymity said Jonathan’s remark in London will be valuable in court.
“All is set for the defence of Dasuki, who is still insisting on an open trial to let Nigerians know the beneficiaries of the arms cash.
“One of those who may testify is ex-President Goodluck Jonathan whose remarks in London appeared to be the first phase of the war chest of the ex-NSA.
“You know the ex-NSA said he acted on Jonathan’s instructions in disbursing some of the cash. And from the look of things, the ex-President is now ready to accept responsibility for whatever Dasuki did.
“We believe it has reached a level that Nigerians must know what really happened, how funds were disbursed and who got what.
“This is why a secret trial is not a viable option, with the way things are going.”
“So far, we have secured the consent of Jonathan to appear in court for Dasuki. This will make the trial worth it.”

Holly Rickwood straddles a lamppost, falls over and flashes her pur-fect bum for a real fright night

                                 Holly Rickwood

Ex On The Beach starlet Holly Rickwood took Halloween horror to a horrific new level this weekend.

Opting to dress as a perfect puss backfired as soon as the catty reality star decided to get a pal to use her blood red lipstick to stamp her buttocks with the unfortunate branding of “total s**t”.

Keeping her dignity in a black leotard, knee high crushed velvet boots and cat ears proved difficult after necking several pints of Halloween horror squash.

                                     Holly Rickwood

                                      Holly Rickwood

                                      Holly Rickwood

                                   Holly Rickwood

The former reality star managed to topple over not one but three times as she staggered into a pal’s Essex house party – her falls proved particularly hazardous on her bum graffiti which ended up smudged. But Holly was a good Halloween sport and took it all in her uneasy stride.

Holly is best known for being tattooed babe Jemma Lucy’s TV enemy after enjoying a night out with her ex Hawley.

The pair had a massive row on Ex On The Beach after Jemma saw images of the pair on the ‘tablet of Terror’.

Stephanie Davis displays bare baby bump as she does yoga

Stephanie Davis has put her huge baby bump totally on show during a workout routine as she stays in shape ahead of the birth.
The 23-year-old is just weeks away from welcoming her baby boy into the world, and she’s making sure she’s keeping fit during her pregnancy.
New pictures show Steph posing and putting her bump on display in a vest top pulled up to reveal her figure, while she completed the workout outfit with a pair of loose white shorts.
Seen in a number of poses, the star was taking part in a special pregnancy yoga class with teacher Emily Evans from Yoga Vibe.
She was clearly excited for the session this week, taking to Twitter over the weekend to reveal her plans.
“Looking forward to yoga in the morning,” she tweeted.
Meanwhile, she continues to gush over her unborn baby on social media, and later described herself as “blessed”.
She said: “Cannot beat night time snuggles with my baby boy just watching him kick away. Happy mummy… this is what life is about… Blessed. Read More

Female banker accused of hiring assassins to kill her estranged husband in Lagos

Female banker accused of hiring assassins to kill her estranged husband in Lagos

Last week Thursday, LIB reported a story of a female banker identified as Oluchi Onyebuchi who was arrested by men of the Ogun state police command for allegedly hiring assassins to kill her estranged husband, Tochukwu Onyebuchi (read story here)

Now, a friend of the accused woman, Nicole Chioma Ugochukwu, over the weekend, took a trip to Ogun state Police station in Eleweran Abeokuta, Ogun state where Oluchi is being held in custody. She gave an update on the matter.

                                 Female banker accused of hiring assassins to kill her estranged husband in Lagos
According to Nicole, the Female banker was set up by her estranged husband who had allegedly sworn to deal with her so much that no man would look at her again after their separation. Read what Nicole wrote on her facebook page below

We made a trip to Ogun state today 29th of October 2016, where A lovely soul is languishing in Ogun state police Eleweran Abeokuta and her name is Oluchi Mbonu ( maiden name ).

Oluchi is a seasoned banker , a friendly soul, a dear friend , a sister and above all a mother to a lovely beautiful young daughter.

Oluchi is being accused of conspiring with some dirty frail looking guys labeled ASSASSINS …. Lol…. to kill her hubby ( thou hubby is still very much alive ) . I am not a lawyer neither am I the police but it’s not rocket science to know that this is just a Bogus story to ruin her reputation and tarnish her image. The picture is so clear that she is a VICTIM of circumstance and evil manipulation from a bitter Man( ex hubby) …..Ooh yes , he threatened to deal with her and after he is done , no man would look at her .

My fellow Nigerians , this treat is in motion and we all must join hands together to stop it and make a difference.

How can we do this? Let’s make noise until the real story is told . Yes justice must surely take it’s course but it’s taking too long . She has no business in Eleweran police station, this case should be transferred to Lagos State where the so called failed assassination took place so proper investigation can take it’s course .
Pls let’s join hands and speak up till the proper authorities take up this case .
Lagos state police where una dey ? Transfer this case naaaa… Biko nu .

1)What is the brothers name, address and phone number of the brother they were to deliver the car to in Onitsha? She must have given them precise instructions !

2) what is the name of the 3rd accomplice at large ? And was it the 3 of them that attacked the husband ? What is his name ? They have the name and surname of the other paraded 2?

3) why is she locked up in ogun state while the crime was commited in the hubby’s home in Lekki? Shouldn’t she be extradited to the jurisdiction where the failed assasination was commited?

4) the assassins said they were paid 500,000. Was it given to them in cash ? Where and when ( dates and time stamps ) ? Did the assassins pay the 500k into their account ? If they did , where is statement of account ? Did they keep it under their bed or where is the 500k ? Or did they finish chopping it so fast in this buhari economy ?

5) how long did they plan this failed assassination? There must be phone records and voice calls between her and them and this records can be retrieved from the network provider Mtn. Was this done ?

6) why was she paraded as a criminal the very next day after her arrest without investigation. Why was her picture plastered all over the internet and newspapers the very next day?

7) why hasn’t even a single soul in the name of the ex hubby’s friends or family come forward to corroborate his story or tell us that his accused wife is capable of this crime?

All media houses And bloggers who carried the story sharp sharp , pls take correction …. Thank you for trying to murder her name … Oluchi is going to come out victorious after proper INVESTIGATION is carried out.

Note ; attached are pictures of the lovely lady oluchi not the pictures the media wants us to swallow by force with 2 dirty scruffy looking scallywags .

NOTE; she remains innocent until proven guilty ..

Proper investigation is all we ask for … So justice can prevail.

Photos of Oluchi below…

                                Female banker accused of hiring assassins to kill her estranged husband in Lagos

                               Female banker accused of hiring assassins to kill her estranged husband in Lagos

Gifty Louise booted off X Factor as Simon Cowell makes epic mistake saying he’d send his own act home (Photos/Video)

The-X-Factor-Live-Finals-30-October-2016 (2)

Gifty Louise was booted off X Factor as Simon Cowell made an epic mistake.

During the results show viewers were treated to performances from Bruno Mars as well as last year’s winner Louisa Johnson, before the episode ended with a shock.

Later in the programme fan-favourite Gifty, Ryan Lawrie and Four of Diamonds were left in the bottom three.
After Ryan was saved by the official app vote, Gifty and Four of Diamonds went head to head in the sing-off but it was Gifty who lost her place in the ITV competition.

When Dermot asked Gifty what went wrong, she said: “I don’t know.” More photos after my cut…






Kylie Jenner gets Dirrty! Star flashes her rear dressing up as Christina Aguilera for Halloween

                                   Kylie Jenner as Christina Aguilera

The teen entrepreneur slipped into some chaps and a bikini top for her raunchy Halloween look

Kylie Jenner got down and dirty in her skimpiest Halloween costume yet.

Because one costume isn’t enough, Kylie ditched yesterday’s conservative look to dress up as Christina Aguilera from her 2002 Dirrty music video.

With long blonde hair extensions, an all-American striped string bikini, red pants and chaps, Kylie was the spitting image of the pop princess at the Bootsy Bellows Halloween party in LA.

Flashing her toned midriff and bum the teenager turned heads as she entered the glitzy bash. Accompanied by boyfriend Tyga, who was dressed as rapper Juelz Santana, the pair held hands as they moved through the crowds,

                                             Kylie Jenner and Tyga seen dressed up in costumes to party at Bootsy Bellow in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Just 24 hours earlier the pair decided on a much more conventional Halloween look – dressing up as striking skeletons.

The pair made use of Kylie’s gigantic makeup collection by painting each other’s faces white and black for a special Dead Dinner Halloween party on Friday night, and we wouldn’t have recognised them if it hadn’t have been for social media.

Teen beauty mogul Kylie, 19, made a real effort with plum lips and her blonde hair slicked back for the occasion, opting for a glamorous black sheer dress with feather detailing.