SEE LIST: Okonjo-Iweala and former US vice president listed among 34 world changers

Okonjo-Iweala and former US vice president listed among 34 world changers (See List)

Fortune Magazine has realeaed a list of 34 world leaders who have influenced global health care in a signifiant way and two times Finance minister under Goodluck Jonathan Administration, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala was one of the people who made the list.

It was revealed that Okonjo and Seth Berkely (GAVI CEO) oversee a public health alliance that has boosted access to vaccines in 73 of the world’s poorest countries, tackling scourges like cholera and cervical cancer.

Okonjo-Iweala was listed along with 33 other people has those who have changed the face of world health care.

See the list below:

1) Joe Bidden (Former vice president of US and Leader of the White House Cancer Moonshoot)

2) Bill and Melinda Gates/Sue Desmond-Hellmann (Cochairs/CEO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

3) Atul Gawande (Surgeon, Writer)

4) Nora Volkow (Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse)

5) Jonathan Bush (CEO, Athenahealth)

6) Sean Duffy (CEO, Omada Health)

7) Arianna Huffington (CEO, Thrive Global)

8) Rebecca Onie (CEO, Health Leads)

9) Sean Parker (President, Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy)

10) Kathy Giusti (Founder, Multiple Myeloma ­Research Foundation)

11) Peter Hotez (Dean, National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor ­College of Medicine)

12) Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala/Seth Berkley (Board Chair/CEO, GAVI)

13) Michael T. Osterholm (Director, Center for Infectious ­Disease Research and Policy, University of Minnesota)

15) Raj Panjabi (CEO, Last Mile Health)

16) Greg Simon (Director, Biden Cancer Initiative)

17) Jim Allison (Chair, Department of Immunology, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center)

18) Jennifer Doudna/Emmanuelle Charpentier (UC Berkeley/Max Planck Institute)

19) Geraldine Hamilton (President and Chief Scientific Officer, Emulate)

20) Laura Niklason (Founder, Humacyte)

21) Michael Gilman (CEO, Arrakis Therapeutics)

22) Katherine Kuzmeskas (CEO, SimplyVital Health)

23) Vivek Ramaswamy (CEO, Roivant Sciences)

24) Bryan Roberts (Partner, Venrock)

25) Anne Wojcicki (CEO, 23andMe)

26) Mark Bertolini (CEO, Aetna)

27) Joe Jimenez (CEO, Novartis)

28) Sandi Peterson (Group Worldwide Chair, Johnson & Johnson)

29) Sue Siegel (CEO, GE Ventures and Healthymagination)

30) Bernard Tyson (CEO, Kaiser Permanente)