The Wedding That Never Happened…

The Wedding That Never Happened...

Nonso and Ada were two love birds who just couldn’t keep away from each other. Everybody in the village knew that it was a sure thing that one day they would get married. So it was not a big surprise when Nonso and his kinsmen came to Ada’s parents to ask for her hand in marriage. A date was soon fixed for the wedding. Ada and Nonso were extremely excited and looked forward to their wedding. They were counting down to that great day.

One day, Nonso came to Ada’s house to see her. He told her that he was going for a very important business trip and would be back in two days. They bid each other goodbye. It was a normal thing. Nonso often travelled to buy goods for his business. Nobody smelt danger or tragedy in the offing. Nonso travelled the next morning and was involved in a ghastly crash that killed him on the spot.

When the news got to Ada, she was devastated. How could this happen? All the wedding plans had been made – they were just counting down to the ceremony. Ada was in shock. She locked herself up in her room and wept inconsolably. Within a few days, Ada was an emotional wreck. Her parents were alarmed. All their entreaties to her fell on deaf ears. Everyone was confused. No one knew what to do.

This went on for three long months! Then one day, Ada came to herself: “How long will I continue like this? Nonso my love is dead, but I know he would want me to go on with my life.” And that morning, for the first time in three months, Ada took a refreshing bath, put on her best dress and went out to visit friends. In no time, Ada’s life took a new turn. She began to socialize, and one short year later, she met Arinze, a young executive of a major corporation, and they were married six months later.

MORAL: Life is not always fair. We may not be able to control all the events of our lives but within us is what it takes to overcome every challenge – if we don’t quit.

Written by Kaycee Okuma. You can reach Kaycee at

Six best Ways to Study Effectively


It’s safe to say that there isn’t a student in the world that hasn’t had to grapple with studying. For most, studying is almost a form of punishment they have to endure. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares 6 smart ways to help you study without it feeling like some cruel and unusual form of punishment.

Be Mindful of How You Approach Studying

Researchers have found that ‘how’ you approach something matters almost as much as what you do. Having the right mindset is important in helping you study smarter and more effectively. Too many people see studying as a task or some form of punishment rather than an opportunity to learn and better themselves. You can think of it this way: people say intelligence is sexy right? Well studying is one of the easiest ways to build that intelligence.

Be Mindful of Where You Study

Avoid studying in a place that isn’t conducive or is too distracting for you. Some people can study with music and some need absolute quiet. Understand the environment conducive for you and opt for such environments when you study.

Bring Along Only What You Need to Study

When you find an ideal and conducive place to study, please refrain from bringing along things you don’t need. This is because those things can be a distraction to you. Also be sure to bring along everything you need to study to avoid wasting time going back and forth because you forgot one thing or the other.

Have a Game Plan

This involves understanding what you have to study (in terms of quantity and complexity) and executing a game plan to help you cover all you have to study adequately and in good time, without giving yourself a headache trying to cram it all the night before.

Try Employing Different Study Methods

This is mainly to make the study process more interesting for you. However, if you’re comfortable with using one study method alone, then please do so.  You can try using flashcards, mnemonic devices, rewriting your notes, jotting down study points, taking practice exams or doing past questions, studying with study partners or even creating a study game as some of the study methods you can employ.

Take Breaks

Taking breaks is just as important as studying, only be careful not to overdo it or be too excessive with it. The mind works better when you take breaks every half an hour to an hour. It will help you absorb the information and decompress to help your mind feel free for more studying. Studying for hours unending can give you a headache or make you sleep off. You can take breaks by moving around, eating, rewarding yourself by watching a short video or talking to study partners.

(This article, written By Damilola Ojo)

Make Your Dream of Swimming with child Otters Come proper – individuals Pets (blog)

Make Your Dream of Swimming with child Otters Come proper - individuals Pets (blog)

Nurtured via Nature is all about turning needs into truth.

At this California non-earnings that you could feed a sloth, calm down with a kangaroo and get to grasp an armadillo. but in all probability probably the most magical come across they offer is the possibility to swim with baby otters.

No longer do you ought to stand on the different facet of the glass, looking in. Now, you will pay to swim with a group of Asian small-clawed otters, who are all desperate to have a large chum to play with within the pool. all of the animals on the facility are both a part of a conservation application, surplus from zoos who couldn’t care for them or rescues from the wild.
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The best part of this stumble upon, other than the oodles of otter kisses, is that your experience helps pave the manner for little ones in need to journey the identical joy. together with using their profits to look after their animals, Nurtured by Nature uses their money to invite little ones with terminal diseases to benefit from the beauty and exhilaration of natural world up close and free of can charge.

Now not fantastically, the otter encounters for this 12 months are already booked up, however 2017 has openings!

18-year-old girl who went viral for putting her virginity on sale finally sells it for £2 Million

18-year-old Romanian teenager, Aleexandra Kefren

An 18-year-old Romanian teenager, Aleexandra Kefren who went viral on the net after she appeared on ‘This Morning’ show in November last year, to announce that she intend to sell her V!rg!nity to the highest bidder after she avowed she already had an offer of £1.7million from a wealthy businessman, has finally sold it.

The aspiring model from Bucharest, in Romania claims she has sold her V!rg!nity to a Hong Kong businessman for £2million. Despite her family threatening to disown her over the deal.

Khefren said that she has booked a hotel and is in contact with the businessman, who she was connected with through Cinderella Escorts, a website based in Germany that will take 20 per cent of the £2million bill.

The teen did not tell her parents what she was doing and they exploded with fury after discovering her plan.

Khefren said that the businessman is ‘very friendly’ and that though she’s spoken to him, when she meets him in person for the first time, she will be accompanied by Cinderella Escorts staff

She said she is curious about S3@.x:’ and that she hoped the man who takes her V!rg!nity will wine and dine her prior to going to bed.

‘We will go to a hotel in Germany, have dinner and then it will happen,’ she said last year. ‘I am very curious about how S3@.x:’ is. I have not experimented. I don’t know what is it.’

Last year, Khefren’s father Toni and mum Elena begged her not to go through with the sale of her Virginity.

Khefren claimed last year that she was selling herself to raise money for her family who faced eviction from their home.

She also said the money would be used to fund a college place, with Oxford University a favoured choice.  See more photos below;

18-year-old Romanian teenager, Aleexandra Khefren
18-year-old Romanian teenager, Aleexandra Kefren with Dad

5 Inspiring Books You Must Read on a Plane

5 Inspiring Books You Must Read on a Plane

I am a little disturbed by the latest innovation.

The last bastion for escaping from anyone sending you an email has been removed.

You now can surf the web while travelling 1,000 kmh at 40,000 feet. The very cocooned and pleasant isolation from being disturbed by your inbox screaming at you is now gone!

But I refuse to fly and surf because I want to escape for a few moments. So when the internet option is offered to me miles in the air I politely decline.

So it is still either a movie binge catch up…..

Or it’s embracing the curious book worm persona while the world and the ocean whizzes below me.

As we all know, books are much more than education. They can be change agents.

And education has been a big part of my life. For me it was 12 years of school and then 4 years of college.

Then I spent the next 6 years as a teacher. My role was to take young minds and help cultivate them into healthy and well rounded adults.

Well…that was my goal.

School should also be much more than just education.

The aspiration? To convert caterpillars into butterflies. To provide a vision of what could be rather than what is.

So….books are not just about entertainment, escape and education but transformation.

Here are 5 inspiring books that may inspire you for renewal, reinvention or even revolution.

Discover them >>> Here

Charming Nigerian model Fancy Acholonu shares hot photos, lands Nokia campaign

Nigerian model Fancy Acholonu shares sexy new photos, lands Nokia campaign
Nigerian-American model Fancy Acholonu shared beautiful new photos on her instagram and website. Fancy who is in a relationship with Nollywood actor Alexx Ekubo just landed a national Nokia campaign. The couple are constantly supporting each other on instagram. Shes been the face of many major brands like Samsung, Honda, Skechers and more. Congrats to her, keep shining . More photos below:

Nigerian model Fancy Acholonu shares sexy new photos, lands Nokia campaign
Nigerian model Fancy Acholonu shares sexy new photos, lands Nokia campaignNigerian model Fancy Acholonu shares sexy new photos, lands Nokia campaign

Bed Tips You Should Know To Put Your Romance Back Into Top Gear

The older we get, the bolder we become in the BEDROOM as we make a determined bid to make our sxx lives sizzle in middle age, a poll has revealed.

The exclusive Mirror Survation poll, carried out over the past three days, has revealed how people in their 40s, 50s and 60s are up for anything as they try exciting new ways to spice up their sxx lives.

Of the 1,000, 40 to 70-year-olds questioned, more than a quarter had used a sex toy for the first time after turning 40.

And since turning 40, 12% had tried having sxx in a public place, while 6% had bedded a stranger whose name they didn’t even know.

Role play was something that 15% said they had tried, while 16% admitted having their first one-night stand after hitting middle age.

Here, Alix Fox – Durex’s sxx and relationships expert – reveals her TOP tips for hotting up your sxx life in middle age and beyond.

1 Be confident


If you are struggling with your self-image or feeling blue about your body, DRESSING up and experimenting with costumes can help boost how you feel about yourself, and prompt you to view your looks in a new light.

Role playing also offers a way to escape day-to-day life, so you can temporarily stop being “mum” or “the office manager” and let another part of your character come out.

2 Communicate

Good communication is the key to a great love life, but it can be really tricky to broach a conversation with your partner about sexual problems.


Try my “Care, Air, Share” technique. First, show you care about your lover’s needs and concerns. Start by telling them: “I know your job’s been keeping you really busy lately, and you’ve been stressed.”

Next, air what’s on your mind: “I’ve noticed you don’t seem so interested in sex nowadays. I’d love to enjoy more regular fun together.”

Then, invite them to share their thoughts: “What do you think? Is there a way we could work that out, or anything you’d like to try? How can I help?”

3 Flirt

Make a conscious effort to flirt and play with your partner in the daytime as well as in the evening.

If you are going out to dinner together, try making love before you leave the house instead of waiting until you get home, when you may well be exhausted/tipsy/bloated after a rich meal.

Regularly let them know that you think they look gorgeous, whether that’s first thing in the morning or when you are both chilling out on the SOFA in the evening.

4 Get in the mood

Play a naughty version of Consequences. One of you think of a location and write it down. Take turns to add details, such as props–which could be a sex toy, handcuffs or a hotel room key – positions, costumes and scenarios.

Over the day you will conjure up an X-rated bedtime story. And as you will have spent hours thinking lewd thoughts, you’ll be in the mood to get rude.

5 Experiment

Tiredness and stress can have a huge impact on our sex lives as we age. If a man is exhausted or anxious, it can be difficult for him to gain and maintain an erection.


If losing an erection is denting a man’s sexual confidence, toys such as the Durex Pleasure RINGcan offer a fantastic chemical-free helping hand.

6 Try new toys

A drop in oestrogen associated with ageing can also make women’s bodies less responsive to stimulation, which could mean arousal and orgasm take longer to achieve.

The good news is many women find they have orgasms more frequently as they mature – it just takes a little longer to get there.

Using a sex toy during foreplay and intercourse can help add that extra level of stimulation that you may find that you need in order to climax as you get older.

7 Afternoon delight

Menopausal symptoms and general ageing can have a negative impact on your emotions and confidence. Many women find that they gain weight, particularly around the middle, due to plummeting oestrogen levels. Hot flushes and night sweats can leave women feeling unattractive and in no mood for sex. If night sweats are making sex all the wrong kinds of “hot”, one solution is not to make love at night.


Try treating yourself to a bit of cheeky “afternoon delight”, or making love before you head out on a weekend date together, rather than waiting until you get home, when menopausal symptoms may be starting to kick off.

8 Treat each other

Buying new UNDERWEAR or treating your partner can help you both feel better.

9 Boost libido

For older women, hormonal changes connected to pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, the menopause and ageing can all cause their libidos to plummet drastically.


Combat any flagging sex drives by focusing on the hot spot – the clitoris, which has more than 8,000 nerve endings.

10 Don’t let menopause get in the way of sex

Skin dries as we get older and is less good at producing moisture. During the menopause, falling levels of oestrogen mean that less lubrication is produced during arousal, making sex uncomfortable.

Today’s advanced formulations of water-based lube feel really NATURAL, not icky and sticky, and some, such as Durex Play Aloe Vera, contain nourishing ingredients that can help care for sensitive skin and avoid soothe soreness.

11 Check your medications

Certain medicines can hinder your sexual response, including your desire for sex and your ability to become aroused.

If it is becoming a problem, talk to your GP about switching to a different medication with fewer sexual side effects.

12 Mix up your routine

Get yourselves out of the habit of restricting sex to a set time and place. Always the BEDROOM, and always at night, will make sex feel monotonous.