Facebook and WhatsApp group Admins could go to jail for offensive posts in India

facebook and whatsapp group admin

According to a joint order issued by the district magistrate of Varanasi and the city’s police chief, offensive posts such as rumours or fake new circulated through WhatsApp or Facebook groups can land the group admin in jail.

Varanasi DM Yogeshwar Ram Mishra and SP Nitin Tiwari recently issued  a joint order that said an FIR (first investigation report) can be filed against a group administrator if factually incorrect, rumour or misleading information is circulated on his/her social media group.

The order partly reads, “there are several groups on social media which are named on news groups and also groups with other names which are propagating news and information which is not authentic. These are being forwarded without cross-checking”.

The order stated social media group administrators should be ready to bear the responsibility and ownership of the groups. The administrator must include only those members who are personally known to him or her. If any statement is made by a group member which is fake, can cause religious disharmony, or rumour, the group admin must deny it on the group and remove the member from the group.

“In the event of inaction from the group admin, he or she will be considered guilty and action will be taken against the group admin,” the order stated.

Such a post must also be reported to the nearest police station so that action can be taken against the member under the law.  A case under cyber crime law, Information Technology Act and Indian Penal Code will be filed in case of violation of these guidelines. The order also made it clear that orders of Supreme Court and various high courts will be considered while initiating action.  “While freedom of expression on social media is important, it also comes with a responsibility,” the order said.

Nigerian lady rain curses on man who photo-shopped her face on a naked body


Nigerian lady, Benita took to Facebook to rain curses on a guy whom she claimed photoshopped her face onto a naked body and threatened to make it go viral if she refuses to have sex with him. Her post below:

R.I.P To d guy who stole my pictures and photo edited it..using my face for another nude lady picture threatening to post it if I ddnt av sex wit him please ladies never trust anyone..nobody holy .dat picture isn’t my real physique .inshore am more busty nd assy Dan dat body…now I want to tell dat guy. Dat wanna embarrass mi thinking he would av sex wit mi dat he has FAILED!!!! I pray you remain impotent in your life span nd may untimely death locate u sex monger

Watch the photo below;

photoshopped Benita

JUST IN: Facebook to pay 110m euro fine for deceit

Mark Zucherberg

European Union (EU) antitrust regulators on Thursday said they would fine Facebook 110 million euros (122.4 million dollars) for providing misleading information over its purchase of messaging service WhatsApp in 2014.

Calling it a “proportionate and deterrent fine,” the European Commission, which acts as the EU’s competition watchdog, said Facebook had said it could not automatically match user accounts on its namesake platform and WhatsApp but two years later launched a service that did exactly that.

“The Commission has found that, contrary to Facebook’s statements in the 2014 merger review process, the technical possibility of automatically matching Facebook and WhatsApp users’ identities already existed in 2014, and that Facebook staff were aware of such a possibility,” the Commission said.

The commission added that the fine would not reverse the Commission’s decision to clear the purchase of WhatsApp and was unrelated to separate investigations into data protection issues.

Reuters reported on Wednesday that Facebook was set to be fined.

Fraudsters Use My big B*obs To Scam People –Roman Goddess

Roman goddess

Ask the average Nigerian guy who is active on Instagram; he wouldn’t have a hard time telling you about internet sensation, Roman Goddess.

With the handle, @roman goddess she has over 200, 000 followers and going by the volume of likes and comments all her posts attract, it shows that many of her social media fans are active.

Roman goddess

Roman Goddess is so frontally endowed that it would be very difficult for her to pass in front of a man without driving attention. Balanced on a nice hip and big b*tt, she is a sight for sore eyes.

However, she is not happy at the moment. And that’s because some scammers are defrauding people online with her sexy pictures. Posting several screenshots of the fake accounts on her Instagram page, she warned her followers not to have interactions with them. In one of the posts, she wrote, “I don’t have a Facebook account.”

Responding to a fan, Roman Goddess said, “Many of these scammers are taking advantage of my big b**bs and sexy curves to defraud people. I am only on Instagram and my followers know my real account.”

Facebook begins crack down on spam websites

Facebook Mark

On Wednesday, Facebook announced plans to start cracking down on links to “low-quality” web pages as part of the company’s plan to show people “fewer misleading posts, and more informative posts.” Facebook is starting with the ratio of ads to actual content; a page with too many ads and not enough original text or images is considered spam.

If a site’s ads are “disruptive, shocking, or malicious,” Facebook will make sure fewer people can see and click on it. The company continues to explain that the links aren’t being banned; if you post one it will still appear on your wall but their news feed ranking will drop and they will be seen by far fewer people if anyone at all.

The changes will happen over the next few months, and Facebook says it could mean a boost in traffic for publishers that produce quality content.

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: Nicki Minaj Offers To Pay College Fees For Fans

Nicki Minaj Offers To Pay College Fees For Fans

ENTERTAINMENT – The 34 year-old caused a social media stir on Sunday after offering to shower thirty fans with cash – if they were academically accomplished.

Her generous offer took the form of a tweet which was open to anyone who could prove they’d earned top grades.

The overwhelming majority of them wanted just £700, but one user, Josh requested nearly £5,000 in US dollars. He said it was for tuition fees, accommodation, food and books.  Promising to grant the wish, she wished him luck in his future before delighting another benefactor.

They asked for $2000, saying: “Nicki, please, all I need is $2000 for a PC for college and I literally can’t afford it and I start in September”.

Agreeing to pick up the tab, she joked that if she didn’t stop she wouldn’t have “any money left”.

“Ok u guys. It’s been fun,” she posted. “Let me make those payments tmrw then see if I have any money left. I’ll do some more in a month or 2.”

Viral: President Buhari is currently trending on Twitter

President Buhari is currently trending on Twitter

Shortly after  it was reported that Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari, whose absence last week from Mosque Prayers got everyone talking since he has never missed any, came to the State House Mosque today for the Juma’at prayers, Nigerians have taken to Twitter to disclose how they feel about this.

President Buhari is currently trending on Twitter
President Buhari is currently trending on Twitter
President Buhari is currently trending on Twitter

Two teenagers arrested for murder after posting Facebook Live video where they ‘beat student to death’

Serena McKay was brutally assaulted in clip – which was streaming on social media for nearly four hours before it was ordered to be taken down.

Two teenagers arrested for murder after posting Facebook Live video where they 'beat student to death'

Two teenage girls have been arrested on suspicion of murder after a video on was posted on Facebook live of a fellow student being beaten to death.

The unidentified Canadian teenagers, aged 16 and 17, shared the disturbing footage to their social media page as well as a private instant messaging app, according to authorities.

The victim, 19-year-old Serena McKay, was last seen by her family Sunday, April 23, the same day she was found dead nearby the home, reports the New York Daily News.

McKay, who was due to graduate next month, was heard in the recorded video crying out to her perpetrators, “I’m so sorry.”

The footage was left streaming on Facebook for nearly four hours before it was ordered to be taken down, according to a CBC report.

It comes as Facebook has faced criticism for not doing enough to address the issue of brutal crime on the video streaming service.

Principal of Sagkeeng Anicinab High, Claude Guimond alleged drugs may have been a factor in what he described as a “violent assault”.

Two teenagers arrested for murder after posting Facebook Live video where they 'beat student to death'

“After seeing what I saw on the video, you know what? There’s nobody in their right mind [who] would do something like that, unless they were extremely high on whatever and just totally, like, out of it,” Guimond told the newspaper.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are currently investigating the incident, as well as “a case of mistaken identity” which involved officers grabbing and handcuffing the wrong 16-year-old suspect at a local bus stop.

“Once it was learned that it was not the correct person, she was released immediately,” police said in a statement.

The mistakenly arrested teen’s parents have since filed a formal complaint on the incident.