Emir of Kano Spent N37m On Telephone Calls In Three Years —Emirate Council

Emir of Kano Spent N37m On Telephone Calls In Three Years —Emirate Council

NORTHERN – NIGERIA. The Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammadu Sanusi, spent N37 million on telephone calls in three years while two bullet-proof cars were purchased for him at the cost of N142.8 million.

Also, the sum of N152.6 million was spent to furnish the palace shortly after Sanusi ascended the throne, after the death of former emir, Alhaji Ado Bayero.

These were disclosed by the Kano Emirate Council, on Monday, while denying the allegation that the emir inherited N4 billion from his predecessor, saying, instead, he inherited N1.8 billion.

Speaking on behalf of the council, the Walin Kano, Alhaji Mahe Bashir, also confirmed that two Rolls Royce cars were purchased for the emir by his friends.

According to him, on the issue of N37 million spent on phone calls, “it is true that the sum of N37,054,196.06 was paid to Airtel due to the fact that the emir has been identified with only one local mobile phone which he uses within and outside the country.

“Majority of the charges are that of roaming, which is normal. The telephones charges of the palace are paid by the council, particularly when it comes within the provision of the budget.”

On the purchase of the N142.8 million for the bullet-proof cars, he said the purchase was based on the advice and approval of the state government.

“This was as a result of the attack on the late Emir of Kano, Alhaji Ado Bayero, on his way back from Murtala Muhammed Mosque to the palace.

“The sum of N108 million was paid to the children of the late emir by the council, in respect of the late emir’s personal cars inherited by the present emir. The cars now form part of the emirate council’s fleet in the palace,” he said.

The Walin Kano also said about N152 million was spent to procure furniture for the palace because those used by the late emir were removed.

“The sum of N152,627,723 was paid to Dabo Gate for the procurement of furniture for the palace. After the demise of the emir, all his belongings, including the furniture, were removed and given to his children in accordance with Islamic injunction,” he said.

He, however,  dismissed allegations that the council spent N15,458,660 on travels, insisting that the amount was actually used for the construction and renovation of Fadancin Dare wing of the palace.

The council also admitted raising two vouchers of N6,993,203 and N5,560,235, totaling N12,559,435 to Western Union, being the cost of air tickets for the emir’s entourage, “excluding the emir who used to pay for his ticket.”

The Walin Kano, however, denied the allegations that the council spents billions of naira on chartered flight, adding that the council only chartered flight twice for the emir’s movement to Sokoto and Benin City.

According to him, “the council chartered an air flight twice for His Highness for the following trips: In September 2014 to Sokoto, when the emir paid a traditional homage (Mubaya’a) to the Sultan of Sokoto after his turbaning as Emir of Kano and the council spent N4,651,000.

“In January 2015 for the trip to Benin for his installation as chancellor of  the University of Benin and it cost  N9,071,000. All the trips were made a as a result of lack of scheduled flight at that time  and it cost the council the sum of N13,722,00 as against alleged N9,071,000.”

He added that the Emirate Council received  N1,727,938, 660.42 as grants from the state government between August 30, 2014 and March 1, 2017, “over and above the alleged figure of N1,672,953,660..

“The Emirate Council should have received almost triple of this amount, in accordance with the law establishing Emirate Council fund of 2004,” he said.

Explosion: 4 confirmed dead, 11 injured in multiple suicide bomb attacks in Maiduguri

Explosion:  4 confirmed dead, 11 injured in multiple suicide

No fewer than 4 people were killed and eleven others were injured this morning in three seperate suicide attacks in Maiduguri. The suicide bombers carried out their attacks at different times in three different locations in Muna.

Chairman of Borno State Emergency Management Agency (BASEMA), Mr Ahmed Satomi, disclosed this to journalists. According to him, a male bomber attacked Malakalerri area of Muna Garage in Mafa Local Government Area at about 4:18 am, killing one CJTF member and injuring five women and one CJTF member. Seven minutes later, a female bomber blew herself up near Alkomi Clinic along Gomboru-Ngala Road, Sahara Reporters report.

He also revealed that another female bomber attacked an unofficial Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in Muna Ethiopia General Area, injuring five persons, who are currently receiving treatment. It is believed that the third female bomber removed the explosive device on her body, dropped it at the scene, then fled before it exploded.

“It was a sad morning for us. We lost four people, including Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) members and 11others were wounded in multiple blasts in Maiduguri,” said Mr. Satomi.

Mr. Satomi urged members of the public to support security personnel with information that could help put an end to the insurgency. He also stated that the government is working on a new approach to containing the frequency of suicide bomb attacks
Explosion:  4 confirmed dead, 11 injured in multiple suicide
Explosion:  4 confirmed dead, 11 injured in multiple suicide

BREAKING: 3 female suicide bombers intercepted by CJTF in Maiduguri

BREAKING: 3 female suicide bombers intercepted by CJTF in Maiduguri
NORTHERN – NIGERIA Three female suicide bombers were on Monday, April 24, intercepted in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital.

The suicide bombers had attempted to enter Mamanti village Jere local government area. One of the bombers detonated her bomb which claimed her life but the other two were shot dead while trying to flee.
A statement by NEMA said:

“They were intercepted by Civilian JTF. In the process, one of the bombers detonated IED strapped to her body killing herself alone. The other two tried to escape but were shot dead by security personnel on duty. EOD mine drafted to the scene to sanitise and render the area safe. Normalcy is restored.”More photos below…

BREAKING: 3 female suicide bombers intercepted by CJTF in Maiduguri

BREAKING: 3 female suicide bombers intercepted by CJTF in Maiduguri

BREAKING: 3 female suicide bombers intercepted by CJTF in Maiduguri

Emir of Kano denies that he has spent N6bn since ascending his throne in 2014

Emir of Kano denies that he has spent N6bn since ascending his throne in 2014

The Kano State Emirate Council  has denied online reports that the emir, Muhammadu Sanusi II, has spent N6 billion of the emirate’s fund since he ascended the throne in June 2014.

A report emerged online over the weekend, accusing the Emir of financial recklessness.
The Emir was accused of spending as much as N6 billion since he assumed office three years ago.

Reacting to this claim, the emirate held a press conference in Kano state today where the senior council official in charge of finance, Bashir Wali, told reporters that the emirate has only spent N3.4 billion since Sanusi ascended the throne in 2014.

Wali added that the Emir Sanusi inherited N2.9 billion (exactly N2.895,165,43.77) and not N4 billion as was speculated online.

‘Leave Jonathan alone…’ – Northern Group fires BUhari

President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has been advised to leave ex-President Goodluck Jonathan alone and focus on his government which is “losing direction”.

The Arewa Peace Coalition (APC) gave the advice in a statement issued by Abdulkadir Mohammed, the group’s coordinator.

Mohammed also called Buhari’s attention to prevalent national issues, including the president’s “lopsided appointments” and the economic hardship facing the country.

He urged Buhari to discourage the “current negative campaign” against Jonathan and focus on the mandate of fixing Nigeria and improving the quality of lives of the millions of Nigerians.

“Nigerians didn’t vote Buhari to come and give excuses on why he cannot perform… they believed he was capable and particularly fit for the job of president,” Mohammed said.

“Since you won the 2015 election, we have been waking up almost every day to hear stories about how Jonathan did this and Jonathan did that. We have become tired and fed up.

“When will we begin to hear what Baba Buhari has done? When will we begin to hear of what our Baba has done to salvage Nigeria?

“Bashing Jonathan at every opportunity has not solved any of the problems you met as president. Nigerians have already voted Jonathan out. They are disappointed that years after Jonathan has left, there is no day that the Buhari presidency does not attempt to feast on Jonathan. Why then did we vote for you?”

The group also advised Buhari to acknowledge some of the successes of his predecessor and consolidate on them.

“Mr President, there were quite a few successes of the Jonathan presidency. Acknowledge those successes and use them to your advantage,” Mohammed said.

“And then work to correct and avoid the mistakes that dogged the Jonathan presidency. That is how successful nations work.

“Please leave Jonathan alone. Go around the country and ascertain things for yourself. Two years into your presidency, you are yet to visit more than 30 states in Nigeria.”

The group also told the president not to leave out any section of the country in his appointments.

“Appoint a competent team to assist you in the onerous task of fixing Nigeria. Appoint people in every nook and cranny of Nigeria,” Mohammed said.

“The Buhari presidency must not be over-saturated by people from the northern part of the country or people who share a peculiar history with you.

“You are now a Nigerian president NOT a Northern, Daura or CPC president. You are president over Muslims the same way you are president over Christians.

“It is with great discomfort that we write you this piece. In 2015, many of us came out in large numbers to vote for you because we believed that things would change for the better if you became president of Nigeria.

“When you ascended to the position of President of Nigeria. We rejoiced across the streets of northern Nigeria. Some of our kinsmen trekked hundreds of kilometers to celebrate your win in the 2015 elections.

“Two years into your administration, everything has turned on its head. The price of food has skyrocketed across Nigeria. The quality of education has nosedived. Access to affordable health care has become a problem. Farmers are no longer encouraged to go to their farms. Nothing seems to be working.”