Eight militants jailed over Olympic plot in Brazil

Eight militants jailed over Olympic plot in Brazil

A judge in Brazil has jailed eight men for plotting attacks during the 2016 Rio Olympics last year and for using the internet to promote the Islamic State (IS) militant group.

The men were arrested shortly before the beginning of the Games, in August, after the FBI alerted the Brazilian authorities.

They are all Brazilian nationals.

The ringleader, Leonid El Kadre de Melo, has been given a prison sentence of 15 years.

His lawyer said her client was on hunger strike.

The other men have been jailed for five to six years. All say they will appeal.

The group had been sharing extremist material online and via messaging apps pledging alliance to IS, said judge Marcos Josegrei da Silva, in Parana state.

El Kadre de Melo was “without a shadow of a doubt the person who took over the role of leader amongst the accused,” Mr Silva wrote in his ruling.

Eight militants jailed over Olympic plot in Brazil

The eight men were not IS members but had tried to make contact with the group, officials said.

Their activities had been monitored by the FBI.

Two weeks before the Rio Games the FBI alerted Brazilian authorities, who later said the men had been trying to buy weapons and had shared bomb-making videos.

Federal police launched Operation Hashtag in July and arrested a total of 15 people.

Seven of the suspects were later released but the other eight were tried under Brazil’s new anti-terrorism legislation for planning to carry out chemical attacks during the Olympics.

The six men jailed for six years are: Alisson Luan de Oliveira, Oziris Moris Azevedo, Levi Ribeiro de Jesus, Israel Pedra Mesquita, Hortencio Yoshitake and Luis Gustavo de Oliveira.

Fernando Pinheiro Cabral, has been sentenced to five years in jail.


Man kills baby daughter on Facebook Live

Man kills baby daughter on Facebook Live

A Thai man filmed himself killing his baby daughter on Facebook Live, before taking his own life, Thai police say.

The 21-year-old hanged his daughter, and then himself, at a deserted hotel in Phuket on Monday, reportedly after an argument with his wife.

Facebook sent condolences to the family for the “appalling” incident and said that the content had now been removed.

The company pledged a review of its processes after footage of a US killing stayed online for hours this month.

The footage of the Thai killing had also been available on video sharing website YouTube, but the company took it down after the BBC alerted it to its presence.

Relatives of the Thai man, Wuttisan Wongtalay, saw the distressing footage and alerted the police – but the authorities arrived too late to save him and his daughter.

In a statement, a Facebook spokesperson said: “This is an appalling incident and our hearts go out to the family of the victim. There is absolutely no place for content of this kind on Facebook and it has now been removed.”

Reuters said two videos were posted, at 16:50 (09:50 GMT) and 16:57 on Monday, and were taken down at about 17:00 on Tuesday, roughly 24 hours later. Facebook has yet to confirm the times to the BBC.

Thailand’s ministry of digital economy said it had contacted Facebook on Tuesday afternoon about removing the videos.

Ministry spokesman Somsak Khaosuwan told Reuters: “We will not be able to press charges against Facebook, because Facebook is the service provider and they acted according to their protocol when we sent our request. They co-operated very well.”

YouTube said it had taken down the video within 15 minutes of being told of its presence by the BBC.

Its statement read: “YouTube has clear policies that outline what’s acceptable to post and we quickly remove videos that break our rules when they’re flagged.”

Shortly before the BBC alerted YouTube, the video was showing 2,351 views.

Man allegedly batters wife with hammer in Akwa Ibom, kicks her out in middle of the night

Man allegedly batters wife with hammer in Akwa Ibom, kicks her out in middle of the nightMan allegedly batters wife with hammer in Akwa Ibom, kicks her out in middle of the night

According to a report shared on Adovate group, Due Process’ Facebook page by Prince Abubakar Aphyz, a violent ┬áhusband battered his wife, Mrs Ntienseobot Anietimfon Ekere with hammer and threw her out in the middle of the night. The couple is said to have been married for 20 years and have 5 children.

He allegedly bribed the police and got his wife arrested. The Facebook user wrote;

”This is Mrs Ntienseobot Anietimfon Ekere of 1, Udo Umoh close, Off Udo ikpe street, Off Nwaniba road, Uyo. Akwa Ibom state. She was battered by her hubby(domestic violence).

”Her husband hit her head with hammer, and threw her out at an ungodly hour of the night. The worst part is, they’ve been married for 20yrs, with 5children. This man arrested the wife because he had bribed the police after treating her like a dog. We want justice for this woman. What can this group to fight for her?”

Man allegedly batters wife with hammer in Akwa Ibom, kicks her out in middle of the night
Man allegedly batters wife with hammer in Akwa Ibom, kicks her out in middle of the night